Archived Users FAQs


What are Archived Users?

Archiving users is a way of retaining historical data in the Chorus Connection database without eating into your user limit. Archived users...

  1. Do *not* count towards your user limit.

  2. Cannot log in to Chorus Connection.

  3. Will not receive emails sent through Chorus Connection.

  4. Will not appear in the directory.

  5. Will be removed from all groups.

  6. Will be preserved in your member database, along with all contact, payment, and attendance data.

How Do I Archive a User?

Archival Status in Chorus Connection

Whether a user is archived depends on that user's status. Different choruses use different terminology, but most choruses have an "Alum" or "Inactive" status in Chorus Connection this is archival. You can see which statuses in your database are archival by scrolling over the info icon on the Manage Members page (see image). You just need to switch the user to one of those archival statuses.

How Do I Find Users Once They’ve Been Archived?

Archived users are hidden by default when you go the "Manage Members" page. However, you can easily find them again by clicking on the "Filters" button and selecting the checkboxes for archival statuses.

Can I Unarchive a User?

Absolutely! If you want an archived user to be able to access Chorus Connection again, just change the user back to one of the non-archival statuses. If you're having trouble finding the user to make that change, see the instructions for the previous question.

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