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Chorus Management 101: Choral Fundraising Strategies

How to raise the big bucks and sustain your community chorus.

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3 Must-Read Articles

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Getting Corporate Sponsors for Your Chorus

Corporate sponsorships can be a great source of income for community choruses. Learn how to tap into this revenue stream.

major donors

How to Find Major Donors for Your Community Chorus

Finding major donors is no easy feat. You have to put a lot of effort into cultivating relationships.


How Chorus pro Musica Raised $16K+ on Facebook

Find out how Boston's Chorus pro Musica utilized Facebook fundraising tools on Giving Tuesday to raise $16K+!


Grants Database for Community Choruses

Tired of searching for grants for choruses? Download our grants database of 1,000+ U.S. grants!

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Revamping Your Chorus’s Annual Fund

Chorus Management Video Training Series

This chorus management video training breaks down the five fundamentals of selling more tickets to your choral concerts: know your target audience, store your contact data, analyze ticket buyer sources, communicate with your audience, and engage your audience.

Note: Our chorus management trainings are filmed using Facebook Live and might reference past events and participants. In this particular video the internet disconnected at the end a few seconds before wrapping up. Want to watch more videos like this one? Join us at the Chorus Management Network on Facebook.

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Annual Fund Strategy for Choruses

Need to bring in more general operating support for your chorus? Download this annual fund strategy!

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Fundraising With Chorus Management Software

Learn how to utilize your community in Chorus Connection’s to raise more money.


1. Create ticketed events in a flash.