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Chorus Management 101:

Sell More Tickets

The basics of marketing your choral concerts and selling more tickets.

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3 Must-Read Articles


The Fundamentals of Selling Concert Tickets

Selling tickets isn't rocket science. It comes down to a few key fundamentals: marketing the concert, storing data, and engaging your audience.


How to Determine Ticket Prices for Your Next Choral Concert

Want to sell more tickets? Price tickets at just the right point - making enough money for you while providing fair value to your ticket buyers.


8 Tips for Engaging and Retaining Your Ticket Buyers

You've done all the work to get audiences in the door. Now how do you keep them coming back for more? Here are eight tips for engaging your ticket buyers.


Choral Marketing 101

Learn how to market your concerts with our Choral Marketing 101 eBook.

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The Fundamentals of Selling Choral Concert Tickets

Chorus Management Video Training Series

This chorus management video training breaks down the five fundamentals of selling more tickets to your choral concerts: know your target audience, store your contact data, analyze ticket buyer sources, communicate with your audience, and engage your audience.

Note: Our chorus management trainings are filmed using Facebook Live and might reference past events and participants. In this particular video the internet disconnected at the end a few seconds before wrapping up. Want to watch more videos like this one? Join us at the Chorus Management Network on Facebook.

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Post-Concert Audience Survey

Use this post-concert evaluation survey to solicit feedback from your audience.


Selling Tickets With Chorus Management Software

Boost your ticket sales with Chorus Connection’s seamless and beautiful buying experience.


1. Create ticketed events in a flash.


2. Sell tickets in style.


3. Manage your entire box office in one place.


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