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Why customers choose Chorus Connection to manage their choruses.


From Umpteen Chorus Management Solutions to One

A Customer Success Story with Indianapolis Symphonic Choir


The Indianapolis Symphonic Choir was going through two leadership transitions. Assistant Artistic Director and General Manager, Michael Davis, was looking for something positive for the chorus to focus on that could bring the umpteen pieces they were using to manage the chorus into one space. So, they got rid of their cocktail napkins, post-its, and Excel spreadsheets and implemented Chorus Connection.

Since their move to Chorus Connection, the chorus has seen several benefits including spending less time on the artistic side and enhancing their internal choral community.

From an operational standpoint, having everything electronic where you can export, has been a lifesaver on a day-to-day.
— Michael Davis, Indianapolis Symphonic Choir

‘Stellar’ Support Outranks All the Rest


Since his time with the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus, Dan England has tried not one, not two, but three different chorus management solutions. Each time a new chorus management solution was implemented, the chorus eventually encountered unexpected challenges and needed to continuously reevaluate until finding their third and final solution, Chorus Connection.

Dan England says that Chorus Connection’s ‘stellar’ support outranks all other chorus management companies and since it’s implementation, the chorus has experienced:

  • Quicker response times with Chorus Connection’s support team - answers within 24-48 hours

  • A willingness to listen to customer requests and improve the product for the organization’s needs

  • A system that is so easy to use, it doesn’t require much support

I would give Chorus Connection’s support a 10/10!
— Dan England, San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus

Streamlining Chorus Communications and Building Community

A Customer Success Story with Susquehanna Valley Chorale


Kelly Beard was seriously struggling to communicate with the Susquehanna Valley Chorale. As Executive Manager of the chorus, Kelly found that her emails would consistently bounce back, singers wouldn’t receive the information they needed, and the chorus was frustrated with the inability to communicate effectively with each other.

After finding and implementing Chorus Connection, Kelly finally found relief. She no longer has to worry about her singers missing important information and her singers found the system incredibly easy-to-use.

This is a company that’s going to keep bringing you new stuff and you’re going to be able to grow together.
— Kelly Beard, Susquehanna Valley Chorale
missoula community chorus.jpg

Making the Switch


The Missoula Community Chorus is no stranger to choir management solutions. They’ve tried everything from Excel, to Google Drive, to Microsoft Office, to all-in-one choir management solutions, until finally finding a home with Chorus Connection.

After implementing Chorus Connection in 2017, they saw:

  • A 25% increase in user utilization of the choir management platform

  • Enhanced musicianship from the chorus

  • Reduced time spent on administrative tasks and a decreased need for support

  • Streamlined communications and an added level of professionalism from the chorus leadership

The increase in singers using Chorus Connection versus those who used the other platform is significant. Our singers (and staff) have embraced it, and we are happily expanding our use of this tool. Everyone with a smartphone or tablet can easily find their way around the site, access their rehearsal tracks, and link to their calendars. We are very happy!
— Robbin Rose, Founder Missoula Community Chorus
Jon and Robbin Rose

Saving Time and Reducing Human Error

A Customer Success Story with Boston Gay Men's Chorus


The Boston Gay Men’s Chorus was using a variety of tools to manage the chorus - from Access, to Excel, to good ol’ paper. Using these tools required a lot of staff time and human error occurred. Chorus Connection helped solve those challenges and created new opportunities for them.

It is a total solution. It is easy-to-use. And it’s cost-effective.
— Craig Coogan, Boston Gay Men's Chorus

A Case Study in Singer Self-Management

A Customer Success Story with Princeton Pro Musica


Mary Trigg, Executive Director of Princeton Pro Musica, was spending a lot of time answering singer questions and managing everything on paper. With Chorus Connection, the singers have started self-managing, Mary has been able to save time by managing everything online, and a huge weight has been lifted off her shoulders.

It makes my life SO much easier. A lot of reasons to love Chorus Connection.
— Mary Trigg, Princeton Pro Musica

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